Edutopia article about assessment


  • Is authentic in nature
  • Assesses the process skills instead of knowledge
  • Requires collaboration to make a successful measurement
  • Encourages risk taking and possibly failure - this is really the only way we learn and grow
  • Agreed upon criteria is know in advance
  • Students actively demonstrate what they know
  • Improves instruction of knowledge and soft skills required to meet standards as difficulties and learning progress are ongoing
  • Students use higher levels of knowledge and show greater interest when facts are organized around big concepts or ideas
  • Can lead to less lecturing and more thinking
  • Allows for differentiation


  • Need a risk-free environment
  • Reflection required to analyze and self-correct
  • Requires more time and planning
  • More time is spent also in coaching students individually
  • May not be equitable (technology)
  • Students good at memorizing are intimidated by this


  • Open ended questions
  • Actual doing of material (designing and carrying out an assignment, applying math concepts to building design)
  • Portfolios
  • Performance assessments in Science