• Students provide feedback for self or peers
  • Reflection of learning process and improvement of individual learning
  • Provides multiple perspectives
  • Discussion and reflection creates active conscious involvement in learning
  • Since writing is a communication between people, having people as part of the process is a way to think critically about the process
  • As they think critically about other's writing, they begin to think critically about their own
  • Can grade the reviewers as well.


  • Students need practice in how to effectively peer review - do not "know what to do"
  • Difficult to teach without modeling first
  • Must provide specific directions for the process
  • Not a replacement for the teacher's evaluation or continuous comments on progress (drafts)
  • Needs to be practiced often
  • Students are not always truthful for fear of peer's response or hurting feelings
  • Students will focus on grammar and spelling which should be the last things to be edited.

Use a few central questions to guide: "What is the message the writer is trying to convey?" and "How can the writing be more effective or persuasive?" Remind them they are not the teacher. Phrase as "I am confused.." instead of "You should change this..."

Simple form:
Reader's Name___________________________
Writer's Name___________________________
This piece of writing was:
The part I liked best was:
This piece can be improved by: